3 Causes of Female Sexual Desire Problems


Female sexual desire problems can be the most crucial issue for some women. This kind of problem will affect many aspects in your life, including your relationship with your partner. The bad sex experience can cause the problem in couple’s relationship. A study in The US shows that there are 36% of women at the age of 30 and 70 who have the low sexual desire. And 8% of them have the low sex drive that will make them frustrated.

Just like women, men also have a problem in the low libido level. It’s also said that 10% of men at the age of 40-50 have the sexual dysfunction problem. Female sexual desire problems can be caused by several factors. In this article, I’ll give you some common factors that can cause the low sexual drive in women.

Pills to control birth


Birth control pills are found to be the cause of low sex drive in women. Some researchers show that the birth control pills can reduce the free testosterone level. The reduced free testosterone level is usually associated with the sexual desire disorder. But this issue is still debated by some experts. There’re some experts who believe that the control birth pills don’t have any relation with the low sex drive in women.


It’s said that the estrogen levels in women will drastically decrease when women face the menopause period. This will cause the dryness in your vagina. It can also cause the pain while you’re having sex. These things can lead you to low sex desire. A study reveals that the 52% women who had faced menopause would have the low sexual desire. It’s estimated that 16 million women at 50 and older will have the low sex drive.

Physiological factors


If you’re having some bad physiological issues, you have more possibilities to get low sex drive. For some women, there’re many things that will make them stressful, such as maintaining the household, financial problem and hard to have a child. These things will cause the low sex drive for you. The trauma in your past can also affect your sexual desire. The bad sexual experience in past can cause you to have the low sex drive.