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Breast Sagging Problems in Women

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Breast sagging problems in women has been off the serious issue nowadays. The breast sagging, also well-known as ptosis, can occur to all women in their life. It can happen when you’re still a teenager or after you give birth. It’s believed that the well-shaped breast will attract many men. So women are trying to find useful ways to overcome this problem.

In this article, I’ll give you some common causes of breast sagging in women.

Age and Genetics

Age is the most common issue in breast sagging. It’s said that your breast will change with the age. Your skin will get lose with the inefficacy of your body function. When you’re getting old, your body will reduce its function in producing the proper amount of elastin and collagen. This fact will cause your breast to sag. So, it’s still true that you’ll have the possibility to get breast sagging when you’re old. Your gen also contributes in creating the breast sagging. Your genes are the important part in creating your ligament strength. It’s also known that your genes will also determine the elasticity of your skin, including your breast.

Losing weight


The weight loss is also the common cause of breast sagging. When you’re losing your weight, you’ll also lose the fat ebbs from your breast. The breast ligament and skin will not pull back after you throw away your weight. As a result, your breast will droop.



Pregnancy can also be the factor of your breast sagging problem. When you’re pregnant, the tissues of your breast will shrink. Your breast will also lose its elasticity. To avoid the breast sagging, you need to do the breastfeeding for the proper period. It’s believed that the breastfeeding can help women to relief their breast shape.



Smoking is the unhealthy lifestyle that can lead you to some serious disease. Smoking also contribute as the cause of breast sagging. The tobacco in the cigarette contains the free radicals that can damage your skin cells. As a result, your breast will lose its elasticity. And after that your breast will droop easily.